The Health Department manages multiple health program budgets and oversees a number of health care workers/professionals employed under those programs.


  • NNADAP- Drug & Alcohol (National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program)
  • Drugs & alcohol camps or treatment facilities
  • Headstart
  • Community health programs
  • Mental health
  • Brighter Futures
  • Band Health Plan: Home and Community Health Plan (pages 1 – 94)

Home and Community Care

Providing home care service which is respectful of culture and tradition and supportive to family and community involvement. Also providing services which will allow family members to stay in their homes and community longer and with more safety.

Drugs and Alcohol

The Drugs & Alcohol Department offers Bonaparte Indian Band members with the following services:

  • One to one counselling services
  • Family and healing circles
  • Couples support
  • Referrals to treatment centres for substance abuse
  • Referrals to trauma programs
  • Follow-up counselling post-treatment
  • Referral to therapists

Social Development

The Social Development Department offers a broad range of services to community members, including:

  • Income assistance support
  • Home support
  • Counselling and/or referrals (individuals and families)
  • Drug and alcohol counselling
  • Parenting programs
  • Tutoring and language classes
  • Community health representatives
  • Recreational programming

The Social Development Department coordinates and delivers many community events including:

  • Movie nights
  • Tournaments
  • Holiday-themed events


Our Youth Department works with the youth in the Bonaparte community. There are two programs:

Youth Program: The Youth Program receives funding from the Ministry of Children & Families (MCF), which covers administration, wages and rent. The MCF guidelines the Department follows include: organize and supervise youth activities 3 times per week for youth in the Bonaparte community between the ages of 6 -18 years; possess a Class 4 license in order to operate a 15-passenger van to transport youth to and from any activity; include the Shuswap culture in activities as much as possible; and increase the level of cooperation of youth with the community at large. The monies that we use for youth activities, community activities, workshops, etc. come largely from fundraising and other band/ health departments.

Youth Group: The goal of the Youth Group is to promote and stimulate healthy and wholesome recreational activities among the youth of the Bonaparte community between the ages of 5–18 years. These activities are drug and alcohol-free and seek to promote these five components.

  • To increase recreational skills of children and youth
  • To increase cultural awareness
  • To increase the level of cooperation of youth with the community at large.
  • To improve social skills
  • To increase the probability of successful school experiences for children and youth 5-18 years of age who are members of the Bonaparte Band.


For more information contact: (250) 457-6233 




Vanessa Thevarge

Health Director


Angie Pigeon

Registered Nurse


Kala Morgan

Health Receptionist


Boysie Porter

Recovery and Wellness Worker


Karen Warren

Youth Worker


Jeannie William

Patient Travel/Community Health Worker


Angie Thorne

Social Development Manager


Matilda Morgan

Social Development Administrative Assistant


Carolyn Billy

Home Care Aid