Referrals Meeting Survey

April 4, 2018

The Bonaparte Indian Band Natural Resources department is collecting information from the community about how to improve referrals meetings, thank you for taking the time to read and complete this important survey!

What are referrals meetings about?

At the referrals meetings community members meet with BIB Natural Resources Staff to provide feedback on proposed works (eg. Forestry cut blocks, mining operations) within the Bonaparte Indian Band Traditional Territory.

A “referral” is a letter of intent from an entity to perform some kind of work within BIB’s Traditional Territory.

Why change the meetings?

The BIB Natural Resources department has heard feedback from community members that the current structure and format of the meetings could be improved. To improve these meetings we had a brainstorming meeting on March 13th, and have included this survey for those who could not make the meeting or have additional thoughts.

Filling out and submitting the survey

Previous attendance of any referrals meeting is NOT required to fill out this survey. Feel free to fill out as many questions as you wish to provide feedback on.

Results from this survey and the previous meeting will be pooled and presented with recommendations for improving the referrals meeting process.

If you’d rather have a discussion than fill out this form, please contact Chelsea Enslow at, or at 250 457 9624, extension 278.

Please deliver completed surveys to Wanda at the front office, or by email to


  1. Have you attended a referrals meeting in the past?

Y  / N

  1. Would you be more likely to attend referrals meeting if it was hosted on a certain day or at a certain time? If so, please specify (eg. Wednesday evenings)

Y ________________________________________

N ________________________________________

  1. Would you like access to referrals information outside of the meetings? If so, how would you like that to be provided?
  2. No
  3. Yes – At band office
  4. Yes – Through newsletters
  5. Yes – Online on website
  6. Yes – Other (please specify) _______________________________________________


  1. What do you like about the current meetings? (eg. Maps provided are useful)


  1. What do you think could be improved? (eg. More information, different meeting style, etc)


  1. How do you think we may be able to increase community participation in these meetings? (eg. Providing information at the band office or on the website, providing surveys in addition to meetings, etc)


  1. What kinds of information could we provide that to help community members provide more feedback on referrals? (eg. More detailed maps, traditional use data, archaeology survey results, etc)


  1. Is there anything that is not discussed at these meetings that you would like included (or would like to start another meeting about)? (eg. General watershed concerns, range concerns, etc).
  1. Do you have any other comments about the referrals meetings or referrals process in general?


Referrals Meeting Survey