Please be advised that during the week of Tuesday October 31st through to Thursday November 2nd, Mike Skulsky of MLS Services Ltd will flush and clean the water pipes in IR3. The flushing will clean the water pipes of any materials in the lines, and gets the lines ready for connection of the newly built water treatment plant.

Please be aware:

•     No water available between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

•     Do not use the water during this time as it is not safe to drink or cook with.

•     If shutoff valve is within house, please turn off the water.

•     Water color & smell may change during this time.

•     Please remember to have back-up water available.

•     After 4pm, please flush the water for 1 min. prior to consuming it.

The work is planned to commence Tuesday October 31st, till Thursday November 2nd, 2017.