The Health Department manages multiple health program budgets and oversees a number of health care workers / professionals employed under those programs.


  • NNADAP- Drug & Alcohol (National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program)
  • Drugs & alcohol camps or treatment facilities
  • Headstart
  • Community health programs
  • Mental health
  • Brighter Futures
  • Band Health Plan: COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN Pages 1 – 94 (1)Home and Community Care:

Providing homecare service which are respectful of culture and tradition and supportive to family and community involvement. Also providing services which will allow family members to stay in their homes and community longer and with more safety.

For further information contact:

crystal BIB profile pictureCrystal Morris

Health Director

Phone: (250) 457-9624  Ext. 246

Nita Van Allen Nita Van Allen

A & D

Phone: (250-457-9624 Ext. 245


Keith Zabotel

Education Manager/Part time A & D

Phone: (250) 457-9624  Ext. 247

Michelle AntoineMichelle Antoine

Head Start Coordinator

Phone: (250) 457-9747
Fax: (250) 457-9752


Shanda Rojas, NP.

Home + Community Care


Cassie Michell


Phone: (250) 457-9624  Ext. 228


Julie C. Antoine

Community Health Rep (CHR)

Phone: (250) 457-9624  Ext. 249


Jeannie William

Community Health Worker/ Patient Travel

Phone: (250) 457-9624  Ext. 229