Nurse Practitioner will return.

From 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


One to One with Nurse


Appointments can be for prescription refills and episodic health challenges such as colds and coughs and routine health screening. Is able to prescribe medications, order blood work and imaging as well as refer to specialist physicians services if needed. Diabetes screenings, help with smoking cessation, and counselling.


Required for Appointments: Your name, date of birth and Care-card number.

Please book appointments with Char 250-457-9624 EXT 224

Balanced Foot Care

Foot care will be arriving at Bonaparte Health Center


April 27, 2017


9:00 A.M – 2:00 P.M


Please book your appointment with Char

(250) 457-9624


For people whoi got them at the Fair March 14, 2017 please come pick up from 2:00 P.M – 3:00 P.M

OR can pick up in Kamloops yourself, Please call and make an appointment with them. 785 St.



Reminder the community memvers are eligible for a pair of custom orthodics once every two years. Great idea for those with mobility issues, discomfort issues with feet/legs/back, those with diabetes or have overalls issues with their feet!


Thursday, April 13 – Monday, April 17


Office will Re-open Tuesday, April 18, 2018


This closure is due to Good Friday, a day off in lieu of which is mandatory when a stat holiday occurs on a non-regular working day.


Thank You.